Cooking: Tortellini Alfredo

Midterms are next week, and I haven’t made much progress in anything outside of school. My code is getting really convoluted, with stopgap solutions all over the place. I’m starting to forget how I arranged everything, and all of the attempts at written outlines are useless because when I started to actually put it in code, I decided to do it differently than how I originally planned.

Anyway, here’s some pasta. I used a recipe from some anonymous internet post as a guideline, and it turned out alright. I’m not sure I want to make this very often though.. I felt fat just making it.

I mean.. I guess that looks done, right?

2 1/2 Cups tortellini
4 Tomatoes (I have no idea what kind.. the long-ish ones, I just pulled them out of the refrigerator)
Some garlic
Some ground black pepper
Some thyme, parsley, basil
A bit of butter
2 cups of milk
3.. ‘things’ of broccoli
1 red bell pepper
Some leftover shredded rotisserie chicken (No one was going to eat that otherwise)
I think that was it..

Steamy, forgot the sticker. Every time...

Just boiled the pasta for 10 minutes, baked the vegetables for 20, put whatever wasn’t pasta or vegetables in a skillet, heated that for 10, then put the pasta and non-vegetables together and poured it over the vegetables. I mean, it didn’t taste fantastic, but it was good.

Admittedly underwhelming taste. It looked really good though.

In closing, I was reading a thread about cooking and OP said,
and some guy was like,
Oh.. oh boy. I wish to become that witty, some day.

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