Recent Music, March

例大祭8 releases are being put out, what a week.

C-CLAYS:FIORITA:With all of my hearts

The first song I heard from R8. I like 小峠 舞 (usually), and while this one isn’t my favorite, I still think it’s alright. I’m not sure what it is about it, I guess I don’t like how Cosmic Mind sounds when it’s at a slower pace like this.

After that, 3 songs from Syrufit’s R8 album:

Syrufit:Love=All:inner reality



Not crazy about these either, but I still liked them.

Tamaonsen:Momoiro Distance:Furerarenai Monogatari (I don’t know if that’s actually what it says…)

Now this song, I really liked. The last time I remember hearing her was from Tamaonsen’s Chill Now. The song’s got a really pleasant feel, and I love Taketori Hishou. It’s kind of hard to even tell that it’s Bamboo Cutter though, at least for me.

流星ドライヴ (Loves ‘BT’ Remix)

From the same album. I enjoyed listening to this one too. Not quite as much as the last one though. I guess the melody didn’t seem to flow as nicely, to me at least.

Last one I care to mention:

Buta Otome:Kansha Kangeki Ame Arare:Yurara Kamishibai

From Buta Otome’s R8 album, there were only 5 tracks, this one being the first and my favorite. I was so close to immediately skipping this track when I heard the beginning, but I was typing something else and I didn’t bother until I heard the rest of the song, at which point I no longer wanted to skip it. Suimusou is great, and having Ranko’s voice on top of it just makes it better.

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