Cooking: Baked Salmon

I don't care what you say salmon is the best fish ever

I think I’d be fine if all the protein in my future meals were replaced by a serving of some kind of salmon. I love its fishy taste and the amount of oil in it. Goddamn delicious
All I did was put some seasoning on it, drizzle teriyaki sauce, olive oil, and lemon juice on it, bake it for 30 minutes, then pour chopped scallions on in indiscriminately. Really though, I would have eaten it plain. I’m pretty sure there’s some guy that would tell me that I don’t need to put more oil on it or something. Don’t care, it tastes so good


The first set of exams are over, and I’ve been able to laze around for a bit..

Man, she's hot

I’ve been watching Hanzai Shinri Sousa (It’s called Control, too, I guess. I don’t know). I’m enjoying it. I sometimes pause when they reveal the motives and think, “Wow, really?,” but I liked the characters. Matsushita’s face is really expressive, and I was surprised when I found out she was also in Taiyou no Uta.  Didn’t notice.  I think I’ll look for other stuff she did after watching this.  Anyone who can play piano must be cool, right?

Maybe I’m easily amused but I still think Naohito’s character is quirky enough to be funny but not too overplayed. I was also surprised to find out it was him, because I didn’t recognize him either. Then again, I don’t watch much of anything. The only other thing I’ve seen him in was 1 liter of tears.

It's.. It's ruined...

I tried to get back into Nethack and Dwarf Fortress, but after not playing either for a while I kind of lost interest quickly. I was pretty surprised with how long site searching took in Dwarf Fortress, even after I went through the trouble of getting an i7 2600k. As soon as I started playing Nethack I remembered how it would always mess up and show katakana, and I didn’t want to look at a tileset.
Some friends have recently taken to Dungeons and Dragons.. I’d like to try DMing but I still don’t know enough to play, hah.

Duplex Barrier. Hooray Graphics...

Spent some of today playing around with bullet patterns, but it’s pretty difficult to achieve what I see in some STGs with an elegant solution.
I wanted to try to replicate “Duplex Barrier,” and originally I intended to have each bullet change direction and position upon colliding with a barrier, but I ended up having to hard code the “barrier walls” and positions in the bullet controller update code. So what I end up with is a class of bullets with really specific behavior that I’ll probably only ever use for that one card. Retrieving each bullet and changing its direction from a set of collision results was more complicated than I thought, and I’m still not sure how it’s “supposed” to be done. Another problem is the mass slowdown that occurs when I spawn more than ~100 bullets at once. I know how much space bullets tend to take up on the screen during bullet-heavy scenes, but I never really thought about the actual number. Fields of bullets that I thought would be enough turned out to be surprisingly sparse.

Just 3 moving rings