Every time I try to improve the game’s look I try something ambitious, and by the end of the day I look at it and think, “Well that’s clearly not working,” and scrap it. Today I think I made something nice; or at least, nicer than what I had before.


Scrolling forest background

It’s roughly the same amount of polygons I had in the old background, but I think this one looks much nicer.  I haven’t gotten around to putting it in the game yet though; that’s for tomorrow.

I played around with patterns with shots originating from several locations


I also fixed fog and fade transitions.  Haha, something as small as fade transitions has been such a big problem for me, I felt so good when I made it work.

I have fading in effects for 2D stuff working fine, like the little stage titles and the cut-in portraits


I think the next goal is to make transitions between cards nicer, as well as at least 1 other ‘stage.’  The background will be the same though; I don’t plan on making another.

Maybe after that I’ll think of something for the main menu.