Trying New Patterns

I finally put in the basic gameplay mechanic; you have to graze bullets to build up energy to shoot back large fire effects. You can’t shoot without energy, and shooting, as well as spending time not grazing, consumes energy. I think it might be vaguely fun, but that all depends on the spellcards. I tried a few things today:


Short Lasers

Particle Effects

Title Screens

Title screens.. I found it really hard to come up with anything.  This was the first idea I had; the second idea was just a silhouette of a mountainous horizon with a moon rising above it.  Then I’d have an excuse to use some cool light scattering effect, but I went back with this because I already had the bamboo forest done and I didn’t want to put that much work into the title screen.


It’s just  the scrolling backdrop I made earlier, but looking up at the moon.  The leaves sway back and forth in the menu; the animation looks a bit awkward but I think it’s fine for now.   The screen still feels a bit empty.

A more pressing matter, however, is that I still haven’t created some solid gameplay.  Sigh.. I’ll work on that next, I guess.  Things are getting really disorganized as I keep piling on features I didn’t plan on having, or didn’t foresee needing.  How do professionals do it?  I can’t imagine planning out all of these things in advance.  Then again, this is the first time I’ve done anything larger than 1000 lines of code.