Still on art

This animation took me an hour and a half to do.. I’m really not used to it so everything takes forever

Gliding fury?

Updated models for main character and stage 1/2 boss


stage 1



Progress is a lot slower now but it’s not like I’ve stopped completely


I think I want to work on putting rough drafts of animations now.

Slow and steady, right?

I’ve been really distracted all day from last night.. oh man, it was so hard to concentrate today @_@

I uploaded all of my source and assets to github, and I’m slowly working on making things presentable, rather than content-complete. I don’t want to share the url yet because everything’s ugly, but it’s up there if you’re dedicated enough to search for it (you aren’t, though)

main menu

That’s an animation of the main menu as it looks now. I went through all the textures and replaced the Japanese text with English, made the elements scroll in and fade one by one, and mouse-control for the main menu instead of arrow keys + Z key. I think I want everything to be controlled by the mouse eventually, but I’m not sure, I might keep shooting and focus binds on Z and shift.

I changed the project name to ‘midnight sun’ because it’s midnight, and uh.. fire is like the sun, I guess. I picked the name eternal sun because it sounded like a counterpart to imperishable night, and eternal day sounds dumb. Coincidentally I also think eternal sun sounds dumb too, so I caved in and just changed it to midnight.

I want to make the pause menu and state switching work perfectly too, eventually. Some funky problems crop up when I restart the game from the pause menu.

Most of today was really dedicated to homework for a CS class though, we had to make a simple XML editor. The existing libraries we were allowed to use made it pretty easy, though.


While I’m talking about school I guess I could mention the schedule builder I’m working on for another course

schedule builder

It’s a web app that scrapes course information from the school’s course catalog, then allows users to select courses and sections and see how they would fit together on a week-view calendar thing. It’s supposed to be a group project but it just so happens that the partners I picked to work with dropped the course, so I’m stuck doing all of it. It’s mostly PHP, I wanted to use Java but the school’s servers weren’t being very cooperative. I figured PHP shouldn’t be too hard to get a working grasp on and I should practice that instead anyway, so I rewrote everything from in PHP. It was actually a little fun, at least in retrospect. I’m sure I hated it when I was actually doing it.

carrot cake

Oh, I made carrot cake today too. It was okay, but the icing is waaaaaaaaaay too sweet. I feel like my … I .. actually don’t know how to describe it. Your tongue burns when you eat spicy food, and your throat burns when you drink alcohol, but what happens when you eat something way too sugary? I was going to say ‘felt like my head was going to explode,’ but I just gave that a little thought, and I don’t think it makes much sense. My head feels perfectly intact.

I really love this sound, and Keiko’s voice. It’s deeper than my voice.


I just realized Helvetica isn’t on my computer, and it’s being sold for money. What? I always thought it was like Times New Roman.

I tried to finish stage 3 but I’m feeling pretty burnt out in terms of creativity, and my creativity levels weren’t very high in the first place. I just put filler patterns for stage 3-6 and all of stage 4, and I’m going to focus on sorting out the code and making it look more acceptable for a demo release / start an open source project on github / ask for help around MotK or something.

Everything has just gotten way too messy over the months. I tried to look back to sort out a problem with fading the screen in and out, and it looks like there’s at least 3 different ways I put in to fade the screen in.

There’s a lot of quick-fix stuff that I never got around to replacing either. The pause menu is, apparently, a geometry that’s set to hang in front of the camera. It must have been before I used the separate gui node. There’s also a lot of parts that are frame-rate dependent, and I have to go throughout the code searching for where those parts are and multiply them by the time-per-frame value. Then, I have to change all of the rates to reflect the fact that it’s being multiplied by, like, 0.001. What a mess…

One thing I’m pretty sure I’m not going to change is the way the game timeline works. There’s a current-time value that gets added to whenever a frame passes that isn’t during a pause, and when the timer hits certain values it calls whatever update method that needs to get called at that point, then trips a boolean flag so it skips that portion of the timeline from then on.

I don’t even want to think anymore, this is all just so terrible

Stage 3 Spell 2 (EDIT: And Spell 3), Chicken Breast Stuffed With Spinach

Whipped together a preliminary spell 3; enemy dashes towards the player and throws a spread of knives, cycle repeats and gets faster.

Spell 3

Doing gifs is convenient, but it sucks in a way because it has to be tiny and you can’t really see anything. This card is kind of fun to play, when Sakuya reaches top speed it boils down to moving in a large circle around the screen dodging the slow knives as fast as you can, all the while running away from the spread of knives. The spread widens and gets faster as the time per loop cycle goes down.

Listening to:

I like that sound in the second half. This is Yuki Kajiura’s music right? It doesn’t say in the video but I assumed so.

Worked on spell 2 enough that I feel ok with moving on to the third one, which will be the first one that will involve things I haven’t done in the other patterns yet.

Card 2

2nd one is just as I planned, knives spawn around and orbit, then stop to turn to the player, then close in on the player.

Here’s a gif:

2nd spell animation

[edit]It’s kind of ugly how they immediately start moving at full speed right? I just changed it to accelerate slowly, but I’m not putting another gif up. Just imagine it happening[/edit]

You can’t really see the knives wavering as they face the player in either the still screenshot or the tiny gif.. but yeah, they waver around and track you until they start moving again.

I made some chicken stuffed with spinach today
I used a bunch of garlic, Tuscany peppers, Monterey Jack and parmesan cheese, and spinach, threw it in a blender, then took chicken breasts, cut slits into them, coated them in egg, flour, bread crumbs, parsley, and black pepper, put the spinach mix into the chicken breasts, fried them all till they were brown, then baked them for 11 minutes on 350. I’m not really sure baking was a good idea.. maybe I should have covered it while baking or just not bake it at all. It wasn’t dry, but I felt like it could be more moist.

Here’s the stuffing

Garlic spinach and cheese

Then I just put some in the middle

Putting stuffing in

Then I cooked it

After or before baking? I forgot

It’s kind of a hassle to make though

Stage 3 Spell 1

Looks like stage 1 spell 5, but the rest of the patterns are really different so I think I can afford one repeat.

I should find a way to force the hour hand and minute hand to be on either side of the player from the start.

Stage 3 Spell 1

Here’s another animation. I’ll try to keep them small from now on, no more 20MB GIFs.


I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with fading dolls in and out anymore. What a pain in the ass that was.

Inverse Trig

Working on putting Stage 3 together. I was about to say ‘Too lazy to scan that sheet’ but I decided just now that I’d scan it. I uh.. I put a plate on it, and the steam kind of ruined the sheet.

I saved it as JPG too without thinking, deal with it

Stage 3 pattern ideas

1: Don’t really care. I’d like it to be circular and tick like a clock, though. I thought about making a pattern that looks like a clock face, with a second, minute, and hour hand rotating at different speeds. We’ll see.

2: Knives spawn around a large circle around Sakuya. After a bunch of them spawn, they all turn and aim at the player. I’ll make them move slowly to avoid it becoming unmanageable.

3: Sakuya throws a single knife towards the player, then dashes after it with an active hitbox in front of her to simulate a knife slash. Then after a short pause, a flurry of knives are thrown in a cone in front of her. Cycle repeats and gets faster with time.

4: 3 waves of bouncing knives while Sakuya chases the player.

5: 8 object knives are thrown in a circle, after a second or so Sakuya dashes around touching all of them and spawning 4 object knives on each of the 8 original ones; those expand for another half second, then Sakuya dashes around again, directing all of the knives back at the player with a bit of spread. Cycle repeats with Sakuya relocating right next to the player, again, gets faster.

6: Dashes in to stab,then dashes again to slash and throw a cone of knives forward. Afterwards, creates a field of knives in the direction of the player. 16 object knives are mixed in. After a few seconds Sakuya redirects the object knives toward the player, and immediately after, recycles the pattern with another dash.

I really want to make it seem like you’re fighting a humanoid and not just a spaceship shooting bullets in this stage. I think I’ll have to start using character animations in this one, or the patterns will look a bit silly. It takes me forever to animate things nicely though. I spend hours just to get something really rigid looking, then scrap all of it and start over.

I’m working on curving bullets, and I can curve them just fine.. but my understanding of inverse trig functions (beyond the definitions) has always been a bit shaky. I can’t seem to make them curve in the right direction; I’ll finish that crap tomorrow.

Not according to plan

Back to Class

I went ahead and made a new model for Sakuya. I just took Alice’s and changed it. No need to start over when the models end up being no larger than a 10×10 square on the screen right?


That scan will have to wait till later.
I’ll have to work a bit less on the game for now.

I planned a basic outline for the patterns in stage 3 (Sakuya)
I’ll post a scan here later.

I came across a song that’s been on my hard drive for a while but I feel like I’ve never heard it before, so I had a try at understanding the lyrics

西野カナ Esperanza 歌詞

My thoughts about you burn like the sun
I don’t want to stop the beating in my chest
I don’t want to think of this as unrequited love
Even though I can’t see the future

Midsummer’s love is freezing over
I want to feel your warmth
あと どれくらい泣けばいいの
How much should I cry?
You’re the only one I want to love me

Your smiling face is too brilliant
It’s just like the summer sun
If we had met sooner
Maybe I’d have you all to myself
(I really don’t know.. ‘your worried gaze? is painful?’)
I want to become that girl
All I can do is cry from my heart

Midsummer’s love is freezing over
I want to feel your warmth
あと どれくらい泣けばいいの
How much should I cry?
Your the only one I want to be loved by

If I was that girl
I could be more gentle than her
What’s not enough about me?
What did I lose in?
Even though I like you the most

When you talk about your worries with me
I’m hiding a heart that’s about to burst
When you complain I look forward to hearing about it
Maybe I’m pretty sneaky

Even though I’m this close to you
届かない あの子になれない
I can’t reach you, I can’t become that girl
I can only have my heart broken

Midsummer’s love is freezing over
I want to feel your warmth
あと どれくらい泣けばいいの
How much should I cry?
I want only you to love me

If I was that girl
きっと わがまま言わないのに
I definitely wouldn’t boss you around
I don’t need anything, I’m not scared of anything
Because I like you the most

My feelings for you burn like the sun
I want not to be able to stop my throbbing heart
I don’t want to think of this as one-sided love
Because someday I want to change this future

Midsummer’s love is freezing over
I want to know your kindness
Let me stay at your side a little longer
and look only at me

Midsummer’s love is freezing over
I want to feel your warmth
あと どれくらい泣けばいいの
How much should I cry?
I only want your love
If I was that girl
You’re the only one I’d ever look at
No matter what happens, no matter what gets in the way
Because I love you more than anyone else

I think that’s mostly right, but who knows

Stage 2, Spring Break Over

Yeah, so I guess spring break is over. Somehow I feel like I should feel bad about how I spent it, but I feel pretty okay.

Put up a video of Alice’s stage:

I’ve been watching Life and Times of Tim lately on a friend’s recommendation, I think it’s pretty funny.

There’s no way this video will stay up for more than a week before getting taken down.. well we’ll see:

Man she’s hot

How to refine?

I really should save posting here until I’m sure I’m done for the day. Well here’s the 2nd pattern:

Stage 2 Pattern 2


Here’s the updated 3rd pattern. More balls. I think it looks so much better. I made it ‘implode’ too. Just going for variety, because I felt like my patterns are way too simple.

Haha, just to view this page is like 60MB now. I’m pretty sure any decent human being would have just posted a screenshot of the pattern that links to the .GIF. It’s not like you mind though.. right?


Yeah, I went with random sized balls again. I just don’t like how the arrow shots looked. This is the 4th pattern of stage 2, but the view is upside down.

Apparently, the space limitations for this account are, 3GB of total space (using 50MB right now), and uploads are limited to 1GB. It’s cool, but it’s also kind of bizarre… Who uploads 1GB files to their blog? I dunno, but it certainly isn’t me.

Trying to think of ways to make the patterns in stage 2 look more appealing, here’s what the line up looks like right now

Then, 5 and 6 were posted earlier.

I thought having a rainbow of bullets colors would look nice but it looks a bit crappy. I might just turn everything into balls like patterns 5 and 6 @_@

I think the 4th pattern looks the least passable, so maybe I’ll just change it a bit then come back to stage 2 when I have some placeholders for stage 3 and 4