So, what did I get done in the past 3 months??

Not a whole lot, admittedly. At least in terms of gamedev.

I made it so that control is done with the mouse instead of the keyboard. I find the mouse to be superior for control. I just have an invisible plane over the play field, draw a ray from the mouse cursor into the screen, and get the intersection point between the ray and the plane. Then I make the character follow that point, good times. It may or may not be unorthodox but I think it’s way more natural compared to arrow keys

I took a shot at recreated another one of the IN cards (or non card?), this one was pretty simple

I made this one up. It’s alright to play. It looks kind of similar to the last one from this screenshot, but it’s not that similar

A good amount of time was spent practicing drawing. I bought a wacom tablet … I don’t even remember when. I think it was January, though. It’s pretty fun to use, I remember back when I thought a tablet was unnecessary, and that if I needed one a tablet computer would be enough. Boy, looking back at that perception, I think it’s kind of silly. Using a mouse to draw sucks bad, and it took me a 90 (or was it 50?) dollar purchase to realize it. It’s also great seeing where the pen is on the screen without having a pen or my hand block the view, which is why I think it’s probably better than actually drawing on a screen.

I made new portraits, I think that’s good enough for now. I think they should probably be scaled up for a screen so wide.. but whatever, I’ll handle that later

The code is really becoming a clusterfu.. really unorganized. I can’t wait to just finish this crap, I want to start on something new, where I can hopefully go through a more thoughtful planning process. I spend half the time just staring at the lines trying to remember how I made things work. I recently replaced a ton of the random variables with array members (like timers[1,2,3,4,…], and flag[1,2,3,4,…]), but the way game states are handled, it’s just terrible. You should see it.

So, not much gamedev huh.

There was plenty of K-pop / J-pop listening to, though. Oh man, should I be listening to that stuff? Maybe
I tried listening to Skrillex too, in my ongoing effort to convince myself that there are some dubstep songs I can enjoy

Typically when a dubstep song starts using those WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB sounds, I want to turn off whatever’s putting that shit out. There isn’t any of that here though, which is probably why I enjoyed it. Without those sounds though, it just seems like any other electronic music to me. Is it the focus on a beat that makes dubstep music dubstep? I don’t really know what dubstep is beyond the word itself. I used to think any song that used the WUUUUUUUUUUUB sounds were dubstep; that that was the defining characteristic of the genre. So, is this song even dubstep? I really don’t know. Whatever man

Then there’s T-ara

This dance just seems so fun, it makes the song for me. I realized that when I tried listening to it without the video, the song isn’t spectacular IMO. That dance though, all that funky hand waving, their clothes, and Jiyeon’s awesome hair/expression, I love it.

I also found another group that’s ok, FLOWER

I like the melody, that’s it I think


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