Stage 1

Uploaded a video of stage one, definitely still needs fine tuning though:

You know what I did this morning for 4 hours? I was trying to decide how to animate the main menu background. How I wanted to do it initially was have the actual 3D scene behind the menu, and have it rendered real time. It was a real pain getting it to animate like I had it in Blender, though, and on top of that, I couldn’t get the post-processing effects to match what I had in Gimp, so I went ahead and made a video out of the Blender animation with Fraps, then converted the video into .png frames.

Background Title Scene

Now, I’ve never worked with video editing, so guess how I did the editing?

I post-processed each animation frame by hand:

Bloom + Radial

The code I used for animated textures was bugging out. I have no idea what happened to it, so after all that time of laying out the frames to be fed to a UV-texture-scroller-animator, I ended up saving each frame individually, storing them each as textures, and having the title background swap between frames on very short intervals. Not very elegant, but it worked. ‘Whatever.’


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