Worked on the last spell of stage 2, which has 3 phases; lance dolls that move outward, with splitting waves (that’s what I call that kind of thing ever since I saw them in UFO), then sword dolls that swing around in cardioids, then laser dolls that just appear and shoot lasers.
After a while, all of the waves appear together. Is it fun? I somehow doubt it…

Spell 6

Not quite sure whether I should make this more colorful or keep it how it is. More color would fit the theme of being the 7-color magician, but this looks kind of pretty.

Spell 6 (2)

Here’s a gif. Pretty cool how they don’t seem to mind me uploading a 20mb image.


It’s supposed to be Alice and not Reimu, but these were in ‘debug’ mode and I haven’t bothered switching the models and cut-ins.
I just had an idea: maybe 2 phases should be on at a time, like phase 1+2, then 2+3, then 3+1. I’m not going to change it now though, I’m going to bed.


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