How to refine?

I really should save posting here until I’m sure I’m done for the day. Well here’s the 2nd pattern:

Stage 2 Pattern 2


Here’s the updated 3rd pattern. More balls. I think it looks so much better. I made it ‘implode’ too. Just going for variety, because I felt like my patterns are way too simple.

Haha, just to view this page is like 60MB now. I’m pretty sure any decent human being would have just posted a screenshot of the pattern that links to the .GIF. It’s not like you mind though.. right?


Yeah, I went with random sized balls again. I just don’t like how the arrow shots looked. This is the 4th pattern of stage 2, but the view is upside down.

Apparently, the space limitations for this account are, 3GB of total space (using 50MB right now), and uploads are limited to 1GB. It’s cool, but it’s also kind of bizarre… Who uploads 1GB files to their blog? I dunno, but it certainly isn’t me.

Trying to think of ways to make the patterns in stage 2 look more appealing, here’s what the line up looks like right now

Then, 5 and 6 were posted earlier.

I thought having a rainbow of bullets colors would look nice but it looks a bit crappy. I might just turn everything into balls like patterns 5 and 6 @_@

I think the 4th pattern looks the least passable, so maybe I’ll just change it a bit then come back to stage 2 when I have some placeholders for stage 3 and 4

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