Inverse Trig

Working on putting Stage 3 together. I was about to say ‘Too lazy to scan that sheet’ but I decided just now that I’d scan it. I uh.. I put a plate on it, and the steam kind of ruined the sheet.

I saved it as JPG too without thinking, deal with it

Stage 3 pattern ideas

1: Don’t really care. I’d like it to be circular and tick like a clock, though. I thought about making a pattern that looks like a clock face, with a second, minute, and hour hand rotating at different speeds. We’ll see.

2: Knives spawn around a large circle around Sakuya. After a bunch of them spawn, they all turn and aim at the player. I’ll make them move slowly to avoid it becoming unmanageable.

3: Sakuya throws a single knife towards the player, then dashes after it with an active hitbox in front of her to simulate a knife slash. Then after a short pause, a flurry of knives are thrown in a cone in front of her. Cycle repeats and gets faster with time.

4: 3 waves of bouncing knives while Sakuya chases the player.

5: 8 object knives are thrown in a circle, after a second or so Sakuya dashes around touching all of them and spawning 4 object knives on each of the 8 original ones; those expand for another half second, then Sakuya dashes around again, directing all of the knives back at the player with a bit of spread. Cycle repeats with Sakuya relocating right next to the player, again, gets faster.

6: Dashes in to stab,then dashes again to slash and throw a cone of knives forward. Afterwards, creates a field of knives in the direction of the player. 16 object knives are mixed in. After a few seconds Sakuya redirects the object knives toward the player, and immediately after, recycles the pattern with another dash.

I really want to make it seem like you’re fighting a humanoid and not just a spaceship shooting bullets in this stage. I think I’ll have to start using character animations in this one, or the patterns will look a bit silly. It takes me forever to animate things nicely though. I spend hours just to get something really rigid looking, then scrap all of it and start over.

I’m working on curving bullets, and I can curve them just fine.. but my understanding of inverse trig functions (beyond the definitions) has always been a bit shaky. I can’t seem to make them curve in the right direction; I’ll finish that crap tomorrow.

Not according to plan

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