Stage 3 Spell 2 (EDIT: And Spell 3), Chicken Breast Stuffed With Spinach

Whipped together a preliminary spell 3; enemy dashes towards the player and throws a spread of knives, cycle repeats and gets faster.

Spell 3

Doing gifs is convenient, but it sucks in a way because it has to be tiny and you can’t really see anything. This card is kind of fun to play, when Sakuya reaches top speed it boils down to moving in a large circle around the screen dodging the slow knives as fast as you can, all the while running away from the spread of knives. The spread widens and gets faster as the time per loop cycle goes down.

Listening to:

I like that sound in the second half. This is Yuki Kajiura’s music right? It doesn’t say in the video but I assumed so.

Worked on spell 2 enough that I feel ok with moving on to the third one, which will be the first one that will involve things I haven’t done in the other patterns yet.

Card 2

2nd one is just as I planned, knives spawn around and orbit, then stop to turn to the player, then close in on the player.

Here’s a gif:

2nd spell animation

[edit]It’s kind of ugly how they immediately start moving at full speed right? I just changed it to accelerate slowly, but I’m not putting another gif up. Just imagine it happening[/edit]

You can’t really see the knives wavering as they face the player in either the still screenshot or the tiny gif.. but yeah, they waver around and track you until they start moving again.

I made some chicken stuffed with spinach today
I used a bunch of garlic, Tuscany peppers, Monterey Jack and parmesan cheese, and spinach, threw it in a blender, then took chicken breasts, cut slits into them, coated them in egg, flour, bread crumbs, parsley, and black pepper, put the spinach mix into the chicken breasts, fried them all till they were brown, then baked them for 11 minutes on 350. I’m not really sure baking was a good idea.. maybe I should have covered it while baking or just not bake it at all. It wasn’t dry, but I felt like it could be more moist.

Here’s the stuffing

Garlic spinach and cheese

Then I just put some in the middle

Putting stuffing in

Then I cooked it

After or before baking? I forgot

It’s kind of a hassle to make though

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