I just realized Helvetica isn’t on my computer, and it’s being sold for money. What? I always thought it was like Times New Roman.

I tried to finish stage 3 but I’m feeling pretty burnt out in terms of creativity, and my creativity levels weren’t very high in the first place. I just put filler patterns for stage 3-6 and all of stage 4, and I’m going to focus on sorting out the code and making it look more acceptable for a demo release / start an open source project on github / ask for help around MotK or something.

Everything has just gotten way too messy over the months. I tried to look back to sort out a problem with fading the screen in and out, and it looks like there’s at least 3 different ways I put in to fade the screen in.

There’s a lot of quick-fix stuff that I never got around to replacing either. The pause menu is, apparently, a geometry that’s set to hang in front of the camera. It must have been before I used the separate gui node. There’s also a lot of parts that are frame-rate dependent, and I have to go throughout the code searching for where those parts are and multiply them by the time-per-frame value. Then, I have to change all of the rates to reflect the fact that it’s being multiplied by, like, 0.001. What a mess…

One thing I’m pretty sure I’m not going to change is the way the game timeline works. There’s a current-time value that gets added to whenever a frame passes that isn’t during a pause, and when the timer hits certain values it calls whatever update method that needs to get called at that point, then trips a boolean flag so it skips that portion of the timeline from then on.

I don’t even want to think anymore, this is all just so terrible

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