Slow and steady, right?

I’ve been really distracted all day from last night.. oh man, it was so hard to concentrate today @_@

I uploaded all of my source and assets to github, and I’m slowly working on making things presentable, rather than content-complete. I don’t want to share the url yet because everything’s ugly, but it’s up there if you’re dedicated enough to search for it (you aren’t, though)

main menu

That’s an animation of the main menu as it looks now. I went through all the textures and replaced the Japanese text with English, made the elements scroll in and fade one by one, and mouse-control for the main menu instead of arrow keys + Z key. I think I want everything to be controlled by the mouse eventually, but I’m not sure, I might keep shooting and focus binds on Z and shift.

I changed the project name to ‘midnight sun’ because it’s midnight, and uh.. fire is like the sun, I guess. I picked the name eternal sun because it sounded like a counterpart to imperishable night, and eternal day sounds dumb. Coincidentally I also think eternal sun sounds dumb too, so I caved in and just changed it to midnight.

I want to make the pause menu and state switching work perfectly too, eventually. Some funky problems crop up when I restart the game from the pause menu.

Most of today was really dedicated to homework for a CS class though, we had to make a simple XML editor. The existing libraries we were allowed to use made it pretty easy, though.


While I’m talking about school I guess I could mention the schedule builder I’m working on for another course

schedule builder

It’s a web app that scrapes course information from the school’s course catalog, then allows users to select courses and sections and see how they would fit together on a week-view calendar thing. It’s supposed to be a group project but it just so happens that the partners I picked to work with dropped the course, so I’m stuck doing all of it. It’s mostly PHP, I wanted to use Java but the school’s servers weren’t being very cooperative. I figured PHP shouldn’t be too hard to get a working grasp on and I should practice that instead anyway, so I rewrote everything from in PHP. It was actually a little fun, at least in retrospect. I’m sure I hated it when I was actually doing it.

carrot cake

Oh, I made carrot cake today too. It was okay, but the icing is waaaaaaaaaay too sweet. I feel like my … I .. actually don’t know how to describe it. Your tongue burns when you eat spicy food, and your throat burns when you drink alcohol, but what happens when you eat something way too sugary? I was going to say ‘felt like my head was going to explode,’ but I just gave that a little thought, and I don’t think it makes much sense. My head feels perfectly intact.

I really love this sound, and Keiko’s voice. It’s deeper than my voice.

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