Maybe I should have made a tumblr.


I’m not sure there are that many things I’ve felt that feel better than writing something and having it just work perfectly he first time around. I mean, there are things that feel better but seeing it work immediately feels pretty saucy.

Simple portable bitmap viewer

Trying out Away3d for Flash, I’m just too used to dealing with 3D stuff. I uh.. haven’t actually done anything yet with 3d though. I finished that asteroids tutorial I found for flash, but it’s almost exactly the same as the tutorial game and I’m not so interested in improving or making my own additions to it.

Slipping Time

Learning Flash, I’m following some tutorials so I’ll post something simple soon.

I keep listening to K-Pop cause it always comes up on my Youtube suggested videos @_@

I watched Suteki na Kakushidori ~Kanzen Muketsu no Concierge~ too, basically just cause I saw Takeuchi Yuuko in it. She’s so funny. It’s about a concierge who meets a bunch of people with kind of strange or amusing requests or situations. This one, is a well known cooker (They say 料理研究家 I think.. that’s like what, cooking researcher? IDK, but it looked like she was a cook kind of person so whatever) who doesn’t actually cook, and she has to make gnocchi tomorrow on television so they practice together that night.



I wasted a lot of time in the past few days.

I redid the portraits for stage 2 and 3


I made a post about it on the jMonkeyEngine fora, I hope I can get some help testing this thing

Busy? Not so busy?

Today was kind of busy, but not for the game. Got a 64 on my Advanced Calc test, highest score was a 72.. I hate that class so much. It’s like the teacher knows he’s being crazy though, he said today that no one’s going to fail. Well, I guess that’s some consolation.

Worked on recovery animations as part of my effort to polish the overall look. These go in when a spellcard ends by the enemy life getting reduced to 0. I think it’s subpar but I don’t think it’ll be that visible given the game’s perspective.

Recovery 1

Recovery 2

That’s it for today. Sucks, right? It’s possible I won’t get much done tomorrow either.

Stage 4

Put up a video of stage 4. The 5th pattern looks especially unfun.

Here are the scaling bullets I used for the 6th pattern in the stage.


Stage 4 Spell 6

Did terribly on my exam.

Made the last spell of the last stage of the demo. Gonna focus on cleaning things up for testing.


6 beams come from the center, and 2 slash across the screen diagonally and periodically, crossing at the player’s position.
At the beginning of the card, delayed shots are placed around the perimeter of the play field, and disperse over the course of the pattern.

I think I’m not going to add any more features for the demo. What I want to add after the demo though, is a practice mode and options for graphics/sound.

Here are all the patterns. I think I might have to go back and do Stage 3 spell 6, but maybe not. Maybe I’ll just leave it in for a laugh.

Stage 1-4