More Animations

I’ve given the 4 characters idle and active spell animations, on top of character-specific animations like this one.


Oh, haha, I remember last post where I said something like animations making more sense? It went back to making none at all. Whenever I create a new animation I have to go through a couple of cycles deleting and re-exporting the files until the animations get picked up in JME. I see the animation in the skeleton.xml file, but often times it’ll just tell me the animation isn’t there, despite deleting and remaking the mesh.xml and .j3o files. I really don’t know what’s going on there.

I’ve refactored the code a ton, too, and worked out a few bugs. Specifically: restarting/continuing doesn’t mess up fading in and out, lighting doesn’t go crazy after restarting, pre-pattern and post-pattern methods are all ‘standardized’ now.

Getting closer..

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