Nothing to post

There’s a lot of school work to be done this week, so I can’t really do much for this game. At least, I shouldn’t do much for this game. I couldn’t help myself this morning though, I replaced the spherical moon with a planar one so I could blur the edges of the moon’s circle. I tried to add some alpha-plane streams of light that come down between the bamboo leaves, but I couldn’t get a result that looked good this morning before I had to go to class.

I took a small break just now to consider what the last 2 spell cards will be. I’m planning to just copy the second-to-last and third-to-last spellcards in 東方妖々夢’s stage 5, with some slight changes. The 4th card, I’ll make the enemy slash the air, and have bullets stream out of the slash as if the air was ruptured and bullets are spewing out. The 5th card will have the same slash fissures, but 3 of them in a spread pattern.

Oh boy, I’m a little excited thinking about making them. I just want it to be the weekend already.

The plan after the demo is to make stages 5 – 8, with thematic scrolling backgrounds instead of just the bamboo forest the entire time. 5 (Youmu-Yuyuko) could have cherry trees and petals in the air, 6 (Sakuya-Remilia) might have… Actually, I don’t know what they would have. It can’t be a mansion, that wouldn’t make much sense. Maybe dead trees? And some tombstones? Some mist? Hmm, I’m not sure. 7 (Alice-Marisa) would probably be in a deciduous forest with the occasional magical spark zooming around. 8 (Reimu-Yukari), the last one, could just be a bunch of floating eyeballs, inside a tunnel of stained purple.

But enough of wishful thinking. I definitely need to finish this demo sometime in the summer.

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