Stage 4 Spell 4

Pattern 4

Large ball shots stream down, and enemy slashes horizontally back and forth, splitting the bullets into smaller ones.
Added a bullet tagging system so that certain bullets can be easily referenced to again. I used these to mark the larger bullets, so that only the larger bullets will get split. When I first made it, it started splitting the smaller bullets too, and the game slowed to a crawl.

Here’s an animation too:


Curve Bullets


Finally got around to putting in curving bullets. Takes a curve rate, time until curve starts, time until curve ends, and curve direction. Bullet travels normally until the curve time starts, then the direction gets changed by the curve rate, then the bullet continues on a straight path after the curve time ends.

The old way was to specify two vectors, and the bullet would go from one direction to the other, but my math sucks so I can’t seem to iron out all the bugs in it yet. This way was a lot easier to do.



Stage 4 Spell 1

[Edit]Just got the little banner that says ‘spellcard attack’ working. I don’t know why I never bothered fixing it, but it works just fine now. I made a little texture for it too. It scrolls in the opposite direction of the cut-in portrait.


Stage 4 Spell 1

Did the first pattern for Youmu’s stage.

She dashes up and down the screen, laying waves behind her and shooting a semi-circle in front of her.

I got to use the slashing animation, the way animations get imported/exported used to be a little fuzzy in my head but I think I’ve got it down now. That means.. I’ll have to put in a lot more, though. I put in a focus particle emitter and the player character now rotates based on what direction they’re moving now.

Here’s an animation. It’s from an older version of the pattern though, but I was too lazy to re-capture the newest version. If you look really closely you can see the animation.


Youmu Cut In

Yup, I think this is all I have to show for today.

I didn’t really touch the code today.


Trying to clean things up

This gave me a small laugh.

I added music and tidied up the menus a tiny bit. Next I’ll try to test state transitions more; and by state transitions I mean pause/game over to main menu, since that’s the only transition that’s kind of weird.

I guess I could get to drawing a portrait for Youmu too.

I uploaded an early build to github, but I don’t even know why. Right after upload finished I felt like there still wasn’t enough to even put up for download.