October Update

Someone… encouraged me to continue this old project in her own way. Someone whose opinion is really important to me.

Intro Sequence

I’m going to change the background from a real time 3D scene into a pre-rendered sequence of frame textures. It’s not like the background gets interacted with ever anyway. It should… lighten the load on the computer. At least, that’s the plan. I’ll have to compress each frame and reduce the framerate to maybe 30. Today I used Fraps to record the intro sequence, and took Photoshop to split the movie into several frames as layers. I usually use Gimp but for some reason, Gimp was messing with the colors when I imported the video file. Photoshop, or at least when I used it, had this weird 500 layer limit when importing from a video so I had to make 3 files of 500 frames. Then I had to find 2 sections of animation: a section for the intro, and a section that can loop over and over. I did it manually (just looked at matching frames individually). I’ll play the intro once, then loop the background after that. I won’t have to make another intro, I can make a transition effect and start scrolling a new background movie afterwards. When I eventually make one. Which probably isn’t too soon. I still never put out a decently functional demo. Still spending a lot of time refactoring, and putting in new features of Java that I didn’t use when I started.

You know who I started listening to today? Shakira. I heard the ‘Hips don’t lie’ song and I thought that her voice sounded pretty nice. So I put a bunch of her songs on queue on Spotify. This is actually the first time seeing the video, now that I looked for one to link. It’s pretty saucy.