December Nothingness

Decided doing a sequence of still frames wasn’t a good idea. Or at least, not how it was being done. It took way too much memory. I probably needed to reduce the quality of the frames further. But I decided it would cause a significant decrease in the overall visual quality of the background. It’s back to just a ground model for now.

The mouse controls for both the game and menus are all relative movement, instead of using the mouse’s absolute coordinates like before. Whenever a menu mode is started, the cursor’s position is reset to the center. The position of the game cursor will stop changing when the pause menu is brought up.

One thing that’s been really bothering me is the way the fade out transitions aren’t smooth. I’m pretty sure I can fix that by modifying JME3’s FadeFilter class, changing the step of the fade from a value depending on the time per frame to a flat 1/60 or 1/30. That way the filter will be forced to go through each of the darkness values of the fade effect, instead of skipping through if the time per frame jumps up.

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