Magic Circles and Bullet Sprites

Gang’s all here:


Want to make as much of this by myself as much as possible so I went and made a magic circle texture.  It’s actually… what I did was look up Christmas on Wikipedia, went to the Google translated version in Chinese, and took out all the punctuation and numbers.  Then just put it on a circle, rendered, blurred it up, and bam done.  I just went with Marisa’s Christmas tree bullets instead of lasers.


I’m really feeling that I shouldn’t add anything else and just put it out there.  Just to finally make 1 finished game.  It feels like I’ve made so many unfinished things that I don’t even want to make something that I’m happy with.  I just want it to end.  I don’t think I did the worst job… at least.  Some consolation that is.  ‘I can’t be the worst, right?’

The last things I can think of, before I really want to call it quits on this, is particle effects for player / boss spawning, making a skybox instead of drawing a crapton of vertices for no reason, having the screen shake during bombs, and doing something about power so that power pickups aren’t worthless after you get the top level of power.  I’ll probably just have them turn into score once the player reaches max power.

Captain Forever

Oh man this game is fun
Last ship I played:

captainForeverThis isn’t the same ship I played but most of my ships look pretty much the same anyway.  Everytime I play I think ‘let’s try something different’ but then I go back and say ‘nah, forget it.  Do what you did last time’.  I just make a long-ish ship with an “I” shape, thrusters all over the top and bottom of the “I”, and guns along the center line shooting to the side.  I think I’d want to make something like this but I’m not sure.



Added bosses and cleaned up some stuff.  I don’t even remember from last update.  I got another phone to test the game on, replaced bullet models with sprites, replaced the 2 separate arm models with just one.  I’m planning on making some magic circles, then just adding Marisa and Reimu in.  After that I think I’m done with working on this.  As far as adding features goes.  I suddenly find the idea of making a Space Trader + Captain Forever inspired game really appealing.


Bombs, Items, Power Level, Asset Replacement



I made a list of things that I decided I needed to do in order to call it finished.  Today, I did:

  • Enemy HP : enemies don’t just die upon making contact with bullets now, depending on the enemy
  • Bombs : inflict a flat amount of damage against all enemies and clears all bullets
  • Items : when an enemy dies, it has a chance to drop a score item (+1 score), a power item (+1 power), a life item (+10 life), or a bomb item (+1 bomb).  The items start scaled down into a point, and expand up to a ‘rest’ size.  After a certain duration, the item begins to shrink, then it disappears.  When the player moves near them, they are set to move towards the player at a high speed.  They are removed either on item expiration or contact with the player.  If it makes contact with the player it will give whatever bonus it’s supposed to give
  • Power Level : player can accumulate power points; at certain thresholds of power, the player’s shot pattern and speed change.  The number of bullets fired per firing cycle increases, and variance in the angle and speed increases with power level.
  • Replaced the bullet, shot, and enemy sprites with new textures/models.  Can’t really tell, but the old ones were single color textures


Tomorrow.. I might try to draw the cut-in, make the game screen look prettier, and make a text display that pops up when the level changes near the center of the screen.  I think bosses and enemy patterns will be the most time consuming of all of the tasks.  I’ll leave enemy patterns for last; I think having boss levels would be more important than that.  Man.. every time I dig into my picture folder for something to post I look back at the other project and think … I moved back a considerable amount? Maybe.  I don’t know, but for some reason I feel like I can actually finish this project.  Even though I felt the exact same way about the last project, and thought there was no way I wouldn’t finish it.  I … haven’t given up, but the idea of making progress on the old project seems so far away.  Well.  That’s a worry for another day




Concept of the title screen, I took a screenshot of what it looks like now, added stars and moon, painted over the placeholder text, and wrote new text.

I replaced all of the textures with one big gradient, and it’s used for everything. I’m going to move towards a more simplistic look, and if I place the gradients right it looks like I have fog. Which I don’t, but I think the look is sufficient anyway.