Magic Circles and Bullet Sprites

Gang’s all here:


Want to make as much of this by myself as much as possible so I went and made a magic circle texture.  It’s actually… what I did was look up Christmas on Wikipedia, went to the Google translated version in Chinese, and took out all the punctuation and numbers.  Then just put it on a circle, rendered, blurred it up, and bam done.  I just went with Marisa’s Christmas tree bullets instead of lasers.


I’m really feeling that I shouldn’t add anything else and just put it out there.  Just to finally make 1 finished game.  It feels like I’ve made so many unfinished things that I don’t even want to make something that I’m happy with.  I just want it to end.  I don’t think I did the worst job… at least.  Some consolation that is.  ‘I can’t be the worst, right?’

The last things I can think of, before I really want to call it quits on this, is particle effects for player / boss spawning, making a skybox instead of drawing a crapton of vertices for no reason, having the screen shake during bombs, and doing something about power so that power pickups aren’t worthless after you get the top level of power.  I’ll probably just have them turn into score once the player reaches max power.


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