Easter Run!

I’m going to consider my last project done.  I don’t have the will to work on it any longer, besides fixing what’s clearly broken.

This one is mostly for the AGDG Easter contest.  I wanted something really simple so I could make sure it was well polished.  I also wanted something more ‘original;’ it isn’t really original but at least it’s not a Touhou game again.



I put together a mock-up in Blender and started working on the Libgdx project.  You just run forward indefinitely and collect eggs for score, while avoiding the bombs.  The speed of the game increases as time goes on, and you just keep repeating this over and over until you don’t feel like playing anymore.  I guess the only motivation to play is to get a high score.  I’ll think of ways to make it more interesting later, but for now I want to get everything solidly in place.  I just need it done by Easter, so that should leave plenty of time to polish.


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