Easter Run: Second Build

Up at github, same url as last time



Added different animations: there’s the old running one, and now a sprinting and flying one.  There’s also a jump animation that comes up for the slowest running speed.  I’m not really sure how I can make the animation smoother without using bones.  Actually, I do know a way.  Currently I’m saving each frame of animation as a model and cycling through them.  What I could do is make transition animations, and when the old model hits the right frame, I could play the transition animation, then start the new animation at the frame that looks like the smoothest transition.  I really don’t want to do that until I feel like I’m more finished with the game though.

Next feature to add is corners.  I have some vague ideas of how it should be done but I’m not totally sure of all the details.  A flag for ‘put a corner up soon’ will be set to true, and it’ll put the corner, and when the player reaches the turn of the corner the model will rotate 90 degrees, and then the game will continue like normal.  I’m… not really sure I can make the model accurately rotate at the right time, especially with the speeds that the player goes.  But I could just have the model turn when it reaches a certain coordinate in space.  Now that I put it in words I kind of want to do it right now, but I have something else to work on at the moment.

After that, it’s obstacle paths.  For 3 or so map cycles, there’ll be a chasm or a bunch of rocks strewn down a lane making it unusable.  If you touch the obstacle you die.  After that, it’s to make at LEAST one alternate ‘setting’ for the backdrop.  Like.. some grassy plains and a dirt road.  Or maybe some bushes?  I don’t know.  I still need music and sounds too.  And after that, maybe one other powerup.  Like invulnerability, or uhhhhh.  I don’t know.

I guess one change I forgot about was the bombs blowing up.  They still don’t blow up.  For it to be visible I should change the game speed back to the base speed after dying.  That way you can still see the explosion.

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