Added Invulnerability Power Up and Turn Signals During Corners

Progress is a lot slower… and I think I’m going to take back all those additions I said I was going to make.  I really do want to finish making at least 2 unlockable objects though.


There’s a powerup that makes you invincible and go 2x maximum speed for 5 seconds.  There’s also X’s and O’s to signal where you should be for an upcoming turn.

Just had an idea.  I was worrying about how I’d display the unlockable items on the character model.  What I’ll do is just have them all modeled on the character, and the vertices are always there for all the items.  I’ll just swap the textures so that if the item isn’t unlocked, the texture will make the item transparent or otherwise not visible.  It’s a lot better than the other idea I had in mind.  Don’t ask what the other idea I had in mind was.

Still planning on boots (Higher maximum speed), a decorated basket (Multiplier on score for certain egg colors.  The multiplied color will change periodically and grant a sizeable boost in score.  How it’ll work is, you’ll need to collect 20 or so of a color within a time limit, and if you do, you get bonus points.  If you fail, maybe a small penalty.  Either way, when the time limit ends, the needed color changes), and a stopwatch that goes on a 10 second cooldown and makes everything move slower for 4 seconds, making everything grayscale.

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