Finished Implementing Unlockable Stuff

So the boots, stopwatch, and basket are ‘done,’ at least as done as I care to do them.  Wow.. did I do them in two or one day? I don’t even remember now, and I’m too apathetic to care.  At least, when it comes to figuring that specific fact out.


For the boots, it was a simple switch for ‘did you unlock the boots? if yes, switch the texture that covers the bottom legs with more brown texture.  Otherwise use the regular one.’  And for all of the maximum speeds, it’s just replaced with another constant that’s for top speed with boots.  Just as planned.


Basket was the one that was probably dumbed down the most.  Instead of the original plan, I just made the basket sprite and it will pick 1 of the 3 colors of regular eggs, red, blue, or yellow.  If you get an egg of the same color, then you get 80 points instead of the regular 10 points.  It counts up to 20, and then when you get the 20th color matching egg, it switches to a random color.  That’s it.


The stopwatch was pretty fun to make, if not kind of simple.  I just reduced the time-per-frame variable that updates most things, and set the landscape to a grayscale texture.


Just a few more details then I’m all set to … not work on this anymore.  Unrelated topic, it’s my Github account’s 1st birthday, tremendous.

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