Unlock States, New Terrain, Bugs

Took care of handling unlocking the unlockables.  Last update they were just available by magic, but now you just have to pass score thresholds in order to obtain them.  Easy

I figured out how to align BitmapFont text to the right and center, finally.  It took faaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr  too long, but at long last I’ve figured it out.  It might sound minor but to me this was a major breakthrough lol.  Silly right?  In my past LibGDX projects, I would calculate the length of the string, then multiply that by the BitmapFont.getSpaceWidth() value, then use that to offset the text.  Of course, that didn’t work properly because much to my chagrin, not all characters are as wide as a space.  I thought the solution was to make the bitmap and .fnt file so that all of the characters took the same amount of space.  I’ve never tried anything like that so I opened up the .fnt files and saw a bunch of coordinates and thought for a moment that I should edit the bitmap to fit into a grid and then edit the .fnt file accordingly, by hand.  Thank god I didn’t do that.  I looked at hiero.jar and AngelCode’s bitmap font generator, then I looked at LibGDX’s Label class, then at last I went to look at BitmapFont’s getGlyphBounds() or something like that method.  That’s… what I was looking for this whole time.  You just give the method the string you’re looking to draw, and it’ll give you the bounds of the string.  I was looking specifically for the width so I used that.  By the gods, I felt good learning about that today.  Which made me think… I’m learning really, really slowly.

Right, so bugs.  Ummm, the speed and invulnerability particles aren’t being updated correctly.  Their position needs to be updated constantly, not just when they’re visible, so that they don’t get shown out of position for a split second right when they become visible.  At least, I THINK that’s the problem.  Another problem I just found on my phone, the egg shadows still show and the boots texture didn’t show.  I wanted to remove the shadows because in the alternate ground model I have planned, the ground is brown, not green.  It just seems easier to get rid of the shadows, which look kind of nasty when they’re flying around anyway.

What else is there.  What did I forget… No, I think that’s all I’m thinking about dealing with for now.  Easter is coming soon too.  About a week left.

Trying to get into C# and .NET dev, but I can’t even install SQL Server correctly.  That’s a big part of what I wanted to learn, linking .NET stuff to a MS SQL database, and it’s giving me a migraine trying and failing when it looks like it should just plainly work.

Can’t stop watching Pyrion Flax.  I really wish I had a British accent of my own.

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