LD48 #26 Minimalism Entry


Press X and Z when the markers pass the middle line
Pressing X or Z on time will give more life
Missing a marker or pressing X or Z at the wrong time will reduce life

Game Link:

Source Link: (Github)

I really just wanted to make sure I finished
Can’t art without copious amount of times so I just drew primitive shapes on the canvas

LD Project


Gonna make a simple beat game
walk up a mountain by tapping

Dots pass by, and you tap on them
the pace increases as the slope gets steeper, and slower as it levels out

You lose when you fall behind too much, every time you miss a beat you fall behind a bit

Okkayyy goooooo

Pull Over! / Want to do Ludum Dare / 70 480 Exam

Have to study for 70-480 exam first

During that I’ll do LD in Javascript

Then I’ll work on AGDG bootcamp

I want to do that in JS + Canvas too, but I’ll need someone else to do the sprites
Hopefully I can find someone on the thread… cause I really don’t think I can do it myself
There’ll be two phases: First is you’ll be waiting near a speed trap on your motorcycle (motorcycle just so you can slip through traffic better, even though it probably doesnt make sense). There’ll be 3 lanes, and you click on the lane the speeder is in when it crosses a radar beam. When you find a speeder, you go to the next phase; you go down the highway and weave through traffic to catch up to the offender. You have to collect gas cans and whatnot on the way to keep up the chase.

When you complete these cycles.. idk. I guess you’ll just increase a counter for people apprehended and gain rank within the police, but the rank probably wont actually do anything.

Garden Warden Builds Uploaded

Relevant github repository / branch:

Mediafire links:

Alright, so the gameplay boils down to this, it’s a lot less interesting than my first plans for the game but I was struck with thunderous amounts of apathy on this project, so what can I do.  At least I’m sure to be in time for AGDG bootcamp on the 21st.  Maybe I’ll change the title graphic a little bit, but no more.  It’s not even holding a basket, it’s still the rake…

Anyway, right so what you do is go back and forth from the rows of plants and the pile of plants on the ground.  You’re given a certain amount of pounds to bring back, and different plants weigh different amounts.  You need to be as close to the request amount as possible, if you’re under it before time runs out you fail, and if you’re too far over the requested amount you get no points.  So it’s like… a game about.. adding.  If you touch the bugs that are bumbling around in the middle, you drop any plants you’re holding which sucks for you.

I just realized the gameplay isn’t as clear so I should probably make an instructional image pop up right after the title screen.

I briefly fantasized about the idea of making a dark souls like game and played around in blender, but… yeah.  That’s not gonna happen soon.  Waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much art involved.

I’m working on a small html5 multiplayer game with minimal graphics for more practice, maybe I’ll post about it later if I care enough



Whelp, there it is.

Pretty depressing cause I played a few flash games that felt far more entertaining, one of them being Super Hexagon.  I mean.. playthroughs don’t last very long, but it was still more exciting than this.  Maybe I should make the enemies actively chase you, just bumbling around randomly probably isn’t enough.

Uggghh, I hate this.



Now I just want it to be over…
And work on a project I really want to do


Alright, I tried it on my phone for the first time in a while, and the decals didn’t work at all.  As of now, it takes forever to load because of how I deal with animation frames, and I feel like the control scheme will be difficult to map out nicely on the phone.  So, I sat this morning and had to come up with another mediocre idea, after discarding a couple less than mediocre ideas.

You walk back and forth from the plant rows and a plant stash, and you have to pick plants and carry them to the stash.  You need to bring back a certain weight of crops in 30 seconds.  The weight requirements get higher as the game progresses, and enemies will increase in number as well.  If an enemy hits you on your way back to the stash as you are carrying a plant, you lose the plant and have to go back to the plant rows and get another plant.

Different plants will have different weights and will affect move speed, on some rounds certain vegetables will have a bonus

Goal is to bring the greatest weight of crops without failing a request.  When you hit the desired weight you will get a new request and the timer will reset.