Alright idea time


You’ll have to defend the garden against waves of enemies.  The enemies will swarm the central garden, and the plants will grow smaller and smaller (representing them being eaten), and you have to hit them to kill them.  Your life will be measured in the garden’s remaining yield in crops.

Enemies will move slowly to give you a chance to move over to them and whack them.  They’ll come from the outer borders and when they reach the garden, they’ll just randomly wander around inside it, eating nearby plants.  Later, I’ll hopefully add enemies that flee from the player.

Unlocks I can think of are … more boots, a different weapon that’ll let you use the 3rd attack in the string, and maybe a different outfit, all of which I’ll just do with texture switches.

Every couple of waves, there’ll be a single large enemy that will take multiple hits to down.

Game’s over when the garden dies completely.  Veggies slowly regenerate if they’re not being attacked.  Just last as many waves as possible, get a hi score (again.  fun right? ehhh…)  It’s just that I feel like I spend way too much time on art assets when what this is really for is programming practice.  Lately it feels more like blender practice than Java though.

Right, back to ideas.  The game flow will probably go like this: Simple overlayed sprite for the intro screen, click to start.  The sprite should actually be different depending on what’s been unlocked.  That’s how Easter Run’s title was supposed to be but I got lazy and I hate drawing.  Then it’ll say something like Ready… Go!, and the spawns will begin, with you in the middle.  The wave number, time of wave, and plants remaining in % will be displayed across the top.  When you destroy all the enemies in a wave, the next wave begins immediately after.  Number of enemies spawned and number of enemies allowed on the map at any one time increase with wave number.  When you lose, you’ll just go into a lose animation and the text will show Lose! or something.  After that, your score will come up, and if you unlocked anything it’ll show, with touch to retry just like last time.

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