Implementation – Beginnings


Started putting it together.


This shows a bug being spawned, he eats a little of the carrots and pumpkins, then he gets swatted away.  I think I’ll change the bug hit reaction to just popping up like the eggs in easter run, and then falling into the ground.  The vegetables, grass/flowers, and effects are done with libgdx decals.  They were a bit of a pain figuring out because I never used them before but it’s all going fine now.  I’ve yet to test this on my phone, I have a feeling I’ll need to finally learn how to make a loading bar for this.

Getting the attack effect was kind of a chore as well, and I need to work on it a bit, but now from a graphical perspective.

Stuff to do:
-Get game cycle working (load, start, play, lose, replay)
-Plant regeneration and garden health assessment
-Fix spawning
-Android controls (I have no idea what I’m gonna do)

I think carrots and rabbits should be unlockable, and squash and ants.  Even though squash and ants probably aren’t very strongly related.

When I finish the base game I’ll start worrying about things to make it interesting, like big monsters that can knock you down.

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