Alright, I tried it on my phone for the first time in a while, and the decals didn’t work at all.  As of now, it takes forever to load because of how I deal with animation frames, and I feel like the control scheme will be difficult to map out nicely on the phone.  So, I sat this morning and had to come up with another mediocre idea, after discarding a couple less than mediocre ideas.

You walk back and forth from the plant rows and a plant stash, and you have to pick plants and carry them to the stash.  You need to bring back a certain weight of crops in 30 seconds.  The weight requirements get higher as the game progresses, and enemies will increase in number as well.  If an enemy hits you on your way back to the stash as you are carrying a plant, you lose the plant and have to go back to the plant rows and get another plant.

Different plants will have different weights and will affect move speed, on some rounds certain vegetables will have a bonus

Goal is to bring the greatest weight of crops without failing a request.  When you hit the desired weight you will get a new request and the timer will reset.

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