Garden Warden Builds Uploaded

Relevant github repository / branch:

Mediafire links:

Alright, so the gameplay boils down to this, it’s a lot less interesting than my first plans for the game but I was struck with thunderous amounts of apathy on this project, so what can I do.  At least I’m sure to be in time for AGDG bootcamp on the 21st.  Maybe I’ll change the title graphic a little bit, but no more.  It’s not even holding a basket, it’s still the rake…

Anyway, right so what you do is go back and forth from the rows of plants and the pile of plants on the ground.  You’re given a certain amount of pounds to bring back, and different plants weigh different amounts.  You need to be as close to the request amount as possible, if you’re under it before time runs out you fail, and if you’re too far over the requested amount you get no points.  So it’s like… a game about.. adding.  If you touch the bugs that are bumbling around in the middle, you drop any plants you’re holding which sucks for you.

I just realized the gameplay isn’t as clear so I should probably make an instructional image pop up right after the title screen.

I briefly fantasized about the idea of making a dark souls like game and played around in blender, but… yeah.  That’s not gonna happen soon.  Waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much art involved.

I’m working on a small html5 multiplayer game with minimal graphics for more practice, maybe I’ll post about it later if I care enough

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