Pull Over! / Want to do Ludum Dare / 70 480 Exam

Have to study for 70-480 exam first

During that I’ll do LD in Javascript

Then I’ll work on AGDG bootcamp

I want to do that in JS + Canvas too, but I’ll need someone else to do the sprites
Hopefully I can find someone on the thread… cause I really don’t think I can do it myself
There’ll be two phases: First is you’ll be waiting near a speed trap on your motorcycle (motorcycle just so you can slip through traffic better, even though it probably doesnt make sense). There’ll be 3 lanes, and you click on the lane the speeder is in when it crosses a radar beam. When you find a speeder, you go to the next phase; you go down the highway and weave through traffic to catch up to the offender. You have to collect gas cans and whatnot on the way to keep up the chase.

When you complete these cycles.. idk. I guess you’ll just increase a counter for people apprehended and gain rank within the police, but the rank probably wont actually do anything.

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