Ending Screen Art

Working on ending screen art

Retracing Steps


Alright so I added that and placeholder spells

I tried to make one good one, I forgot how much effort it took for me to add a pattern with a unique mechanic to it

I reeaaallllyyy wish I had another PC to test this on though. It’s annoying not knowing whether it’ll run or not. With the android games I had a bunch I could test easy peasy but with this.. idk.

Things I need to do:
Fix the beginning logo
Make a ‘the game is over’ sequence
Sort out timeline issues
Clean up stage 3 patterns

Beyond that, and aside from adding the last 3 stages (18 patterns) I think I’m good
The art I’d like to improve, but there’s only so much I can do

Back to Beginnings


Back to where this started
I really want to finish this, my resolve is renewed after that small string of projects

I tried to use Unity for a little while after I finished LD48 #26, but I couldn’t preserve the visual style in Unity so I decided to just go back to using JME.

Had to fix a couple (several) bugs after updating JME, and just finished fixing some problem on stage 4 (the ground and bullets wouldn’t slow down before. They do now, it looks nice)

Tomorrow I’ll add yuyuko. It’s nice that yuyuko and marisa I can carry over from the yuurei project, but I’ll have to make yukari and remilia later. It’s been at least a century since I added a new stage, this will be a good step.

I would also like to make some transition between stage 4 and 5, splitting the game in half between 1 through 4 and stages 5 through 8.

While my inspiration for the project is rekindled I have to keep it simple at the same time. I want to finish this soon…

Oh, right
I passed 70-480 exam
Great stuff
(it was ez)