Struggle for Productivity

Wow, haven’t posted since May?


Been busy starting work over the summer, but I have been trying to put something together

Bought a new laptop, an Acer V7 482pg 9882, screen is nice but I’m vaguely disappointed by the performance. Nothing more frustrating than a computer that hangs yet reports low resource usage. Or maybe I’m using the wrong applications. Or maybe I’m reading the reports incorrectly. Or reading the wrong reports. Or expecting too much. This thing is too big for my tastes too. Or maybe it isn’t, I haven’t decided.

Not totally sure what I wanted to make. I wanted to make a tube shooter in the beginning, but now I need a convincing setting and I’m drawing a blank. I want it to look nice and make sense, but at the same time I don’t want to be too ambitious and start something I won’t finish.

So I end up doing a lot of nothing.

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