Question Timer, Font Scaling


“You should be able to solve this”

I simplified things a bit; instead of having an independent timer for answering questions, having an open question just constantly drains the lamp by a slight amount.  That means the lamp strength goes down while taking time to read questions, and answering them incorrectly, while answering correctly strengthens the lamp

Tried to scale the fonts based on screen size (text was way too small on the phone) and it’s still not perfect, but at least the questions and answers are scaling properly.

Let’s start a list of things I need to do still.  I’ll add to it as I figure things  out, and mark the ones that I’ve done.

Targeted release deadline is June 30, I’ll be satisfied with any date before that.

  •  An aesthetic title screen.  Vague but I’ll know when I have it
  • Random questions and answers generated.  Right now I’ll settle for simple arithmetic
  • Lamp and character dimming with lamp strength
  • Aesthetic end screen.  Again I’ll know when I have it
  • Sound effects for: answering correctly, answering incorrectly
  • Proportions of GUI elements should remain reasonable on phone
  • Cut in art

Wow, I think that’s it for now.  I thought the list would be longer but I’m sure I’ll think of more later

About to finish Corpse Party btw, depressing game.  At least when you constantly hit bad ends like me.  What is WRONG with Ayumi?  Worst character


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