End Screen Options

Allowed restarting from 2 levels back, instead of having to start over every time from the end screen

Dialog box now fades in and out

Textbox and button styles are separate now, should make buttons more obvious soon

Fixed the touch vs mouse click movement bug; on android it was applying both on touch, making the player move super fast.  On android, touching is the same as mouse clicking it seems.  I should probably just use mouse handling all the time if that’s the case…

I should incorporate pre calc, calc I questions in the later floors tomorrow

Bugs I noticed:

  • lamp doesnt drain after reaching a new floor until after first question
  • Going to next floor gives way too much lamp strength

No pictures tonight



just fixed both, it’s cause of

main.LampCharge += Mathf.Min (main.LampCharge + 1, main.LampChargeMax);

it should just be

main.LampCharge = Mathf.Min (main.LampCharge + 1, main.LampChargeMax);

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