Combating Laziness

I’ve got a terminal case of lazy

I know what I need to do and I write it down in my notebook every day but progress is just painful now.  I think it’s because what’s left, I don’t find interesting.  There’s finishing the end screen, which I made some progress today, maybe 50% of it, then doing the rest of the questions for generation.  I was thinking of putting questions from the periodic table, I don’t know what else…

You’re sliding down the ladder, the books, shelves, ladder all move up while you’re fluttering down.  It’s hard to tell without the animation and I’m not about to figure out motion blur

Don't look down

Don’t look down

I tried to make a lobby floor but I decided against it because, mainly, I didn’t want to model the doors which I couldn’t get to look quite right and I decided against increasing the scope of the project.  It didn’t seem so hard to do though

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