More Patterns

What am I even doing?





Well that was kind of fun.  It’s something like this… I realize it’s not at all useful without context but deal with it

if (timer [5] == 0) {
timer [5] = 1;
} else {
timer [5] = 0;
for(int i = 0; i < sides; i++) {
float sideOffset = ((float)i/(float)sides) * 360;

for(float j = 1; j < segs; j++) {
float segOffset = ((float)j / (float)segs) * sideSize;
float segOffsetRadian = segOffset * (Mathf.PI / 180f);
bg.CreateSpeedShot((int)timer [5],epos,ppos,speeds,times,sideOffset + segOffset, spd / Mathf.Cos (segOffsetRadian));
bg.CreateSpeedShot((int)timer [5],epos,ppos,speeds,times,sideOffset – segOffset, spd / Mathf.Cos (segOffsetRadian));

Bullets radiate in a circle around a source; their speeds are adjusted so they come to form a polygonal shape.  The number of sides and number of bullets per side is arbitrary.  I should make something like that Mystic Square spell from IN.  Or even super hexagon type thing.  Is it bad if I admit to copying? It’s more like inspiring really


it's christmas!

it’s christmas!

hanukkah is okay too

hanukkah is okay too

I should probably edit the ground to be more hilly and covered in small cherry petals; I’m afraid the ground needs to be as dark as possible though, to maintain contrast with the bullets.  Sucks, kind of, but not, at the same time, since maybe I won’t need to put as much effort into it.  Definitely need to upgrade the leaves, they look ugly as shit as it is

Crawling Again

It’s a funny feeling, this cycle.

Freedom from ‘projects’, days on end of doing nothing of value; of course, the intermittent study or exercise
Starting a project, unbridled enthusiasm and creativity
Vigor wanes slowly.  Some entertainment found in solving the constant stream of problems and questions.
Realizing that scope will as always need heavy constraining
Slowly inching towards completion, pondering post-release additions
Release, never touch that shit again

I’d say I’m between stage 3 and 4.  It’s not fun, I don’t think, which is a shame.

I do some of this dev on my Surface, and I’m just lazy to document progress I guess.  Not exactly true; I do some documenting on paper.
Sometimes I imagine scanning all of my notes and upload them somewhere.  It’d take more time than I want to spend and no one would be able to read them, unfortunately, and they’re also intertwined with work notes.  Almost worthless to anyone else, but it might be nice for me to read back on.

I haven’t even completed a single stage yet.  Longggg road ahead.