don't pick 0

don’t pick 0

Been playing………….. pokemon, to the point progress went a little slower

Added volume and control sensitivity options.

After that, I think what’s left is–

Plug in suitable audio (there’s some already playing but I don’t like it)
Do cut in art (Kind of tempted to just not do this and have no dialog)
Finish and balance bullet patterns

After that, I think I’ll release

Quality of Life

Been taking my focus away from doing spell cards and fixing up the general appearance of everything else.  Those triangle spam trees have always bothered me and they were supposed to be temporary, I’ve finally fixed them up a bit.  I don’t care to improve it further

don't trip

don’t trip

Also made shuffle and stage select mode, shows your success rates too.  Keeping it simple here

shit right?

shit right?

What happened?

Tonight went by so fast somehow, I only managed to finish one pattern..
I need to manage my time better

It’s Evil Spirits
It wasn’t overly difficult but it wasn’t super trivial, I had to make proper lasers instead of that cheat type laser I used for Master Spark.  Enemy follows you around and makes explosions that look like this, over and over

exorcise this

exorcise this

Tomorrow I want to do something with multiple enemies, done for today

came to the wrong neighborhood

came to the wrong neighborhood

More Spell Cards

The way I did it lagged the shit out of my phone.  I’ll have to dumb it down and make things more efficient.  On top of the lag, I found it too difficult to do with touchscreen, not so much when I have the keyboard.

I made the enemies just ghosts now.  I’m not dealing with enemy models and animations.  I also did Reimu’s dupex barrier thing, but I’m too lazy to get a screenshot now

Wizard Fox Thoughts

Wizard Fox Thoughts

Next Stage of Development

Well, I’ve hit somewhere between stage 4-5 of my previously mentioned stages.  I’m pretty satisfied with the aesthetics so far, and I’m mostly grinding out content now.  3 day weekend, should be fun.  I think I got plenty done today

Master spark was pretty fun making



Milky way not so fun, but I just wanted a filler


milky way

Had some death particles


death particles


bug made me die hundreds of times over and over

Particles that wrap the blades when attack is ready


psi blades

Milky Way


It’s hard to remember the list of changes, included a lot of small changes
Fading in title text
Wavering camera focus on score screen
Score calculation
Magic Sign, milky way replicated
Getting hit impacts stamina
Attack not allowed during dialog
Star bullets added
Text font-size scaling based on screen size

And that’s only from yesterday
Sadly I’m too embarrassed to play the game on my phone to get a screenshot of my milky way copy since I’m on the train so I only have another title screenshot