Today I Learned: #1

Let’s start with a series!

Today I learned about the space between inline divs.  Quite the ‘how did I not know that’ moment.

So if you have two divs, they’ve both got a style display: inline-block, then it’s possible they’ll be displaying with some space between them.  I spent at least 5 minutes adjusting margins and paddings repeatedly before googling it.  There’s space between the divs… because there’s space between the tags.

If you put no space between the first div’s end tag and the second div’s start tag, they’ll appear right next to each other, ie.

You can also comment out the space between the divs.

Also, Herald of Autumn is out, released a couple days ago

Herald of Autumn - screenshot thumbnail

Took 6 months, can you imagine?

I’ve started a new project, it’s to be a 2D artillery-type turn based game.   Just created the project in TFS, the prompt gave me a small chuckle.  Team will love it? I’ll be the judge of that.


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