Today I Learned

There’s an autocomplete in the Windows command prompt.  Start cmd with the /f option and use CTRL + F and boom there it is.

Yeah whatever

My Shortest Hobby


I think I’ve only been into this for 4 or so months, and already I feel like I want out

In some ways, at least.  I mean accumulating watches.  It was kind of a fast ride.  I don’t think I want to add any more to my collection, which I think is good and bad.  I can’t stop looking at other pieces though, from JLC and IWC specifically.  I think I’d stay away from Rolex and Omega, just because of how much attention I think they might draw.  Maybe next year I’ll get one, maybe not

I’ll go through what I have so far in chronological order



Here’s the first watch I’ve had in recent memory.  Before that, I was a cell-phone checker.  It was a gift, and I wasn’t enamored by the style but I appreciated it for different reasons.  I held on to this for about 2 years and wore it everywhere, every day, until one day one of the link pins snapped when the case snagged on my backpack strap while I was putting it on getting off the train.  I suppose the pin was already very weak, and just gave out there.   I’m not sure what the crystal material was (acryllic?) and I’m too lazy to check, but you can see it’s pretty beat up from scrapes from me walking a bit too close to walls.  I didn’t really put much thought into replacing the bracelet and crystal, and by the time it broke I felt it was an opportunity for a change in style.



I began searching online for recommendations for men’s watches.  The first watch I bought thereafter was a Timex Weekender, which I picked after reading some praise about it.  It was the first time I’d seen or heard about this NATO strap business, and the novelty was nice.  I also actually liked how loud it is.  I do still wear it when doing any sort of physical activity, but I quickly realized I wasn’t about to wear this to the office.



That’s where I started looking for Swiss offerings, and I came across Tissot, which seemed to be in my price range.  I think I wore this maybe 2 or 3 times outside, and at the time I found it very unattractive in person.  Looking at it now as I’m writing, I find it as appealing as I did when I clicked ‘buy’ online when I bought this.  I have a strange pattern of liking a watch from pictures, buying it, being repelled by it, then after some time, going back to enjoying its appearance.  If I had stopped getting watches at this point, I might have found peace in my choice, as well as saving a lot of money.



I didn’t find peace though, not quickly at least, and days after purchasing that first Tissot chronograph, I bought this quartz perpetual calendar.  This one, I wore more than a couple times.  I especially liked the guilloche dial, and I still like that in watches.  The idea of perpetual calendars had some intrigue to it as well.  I was happy having a Swiss perpetual calendar for a while, until I came across a distinction that I really should have learned from the onset of all this, and I don’t know how it hadn’t occurred to me: Quartz vs Mechanical.  I realized all of these were quartz, and somehow the allure of that beating mainspring, clear casebacks, and smooth second hands drew me further


IMAG1250Then came the Seiko SARB035, which I chose after some reading on watch recommendations in that price range.  My first automatic watch.  I loved how the dial looked, but the lines on the hands felt ugly to me.  I didn’t like the case shape either, which I didn’t realize until wearing it a couple times.  It was also felt quite small, having been accustomed to 40mm watches.



After this, came the Seiko SARX013.  The angular design had my favor for a time.  I thought I would like the dial stripes more, but I grew tired of it eventually.  It turns out I didn’t like the hand style as much as I thought I would either, it just felt like a huge watch.


I got two TAG Heuers that I gave to my parents after this, but that doesn’t really count, does it?  I don’t feel like asking them for the watches so I can just take pictures of them, so here they are.  The left for my father, right for my mother.  I’m pretty sure the one on the left is the correct model, the right I’m not sure but I don’t care enough to confirm





I stopped wearing the SARX013 and went back to wearing the SARB035 daily, which was sort of predictable.  I really came to like the SARB035 after passing by it on the counter every morning when I put the SARX013 on.  I wasn’t liking this cycle of finding something new, becoming dissatisfied, and finding a new watch to wear.  That’s when I resolved to buy a watch that would break this cycle; the Grand Seiko SBGR061.  It was a close pick between this and the similar looking SBGM021, but I decided the SBGR061 would be more appropriate in a dressy situation, and while the GMT feature was cool I knew I had no practical use for it.

The way it catches light is to a degree that I hadn’t seen in my prior watches.  Every part of it seems very polished and reflective, and I like the slightly muted color of the ivory dial compared to the gleaming white dials I had been wearing.  The 28,800 beats per hour drives the second hand a bit more smoothly than the 6R15 watches I had before, and while it’s not as smooth as the High Beat watches I’ve seen, I’m more than satisfied with its operation.  I haven’t had to adjust the time yet, but I haven’t pinned down the time differences day to day.  I suppose that’s part of the reason to get these watches, and not caring makes me a bit of a heathen right?  That’s alright, I’m used to it.



I did make some purchases after that, but not to replace my GS, which I hope to wear for a lonnnnggg time.  This was the Daniel Wellington watch I got for my brother’s Ghristmas gift.  I assume he’d appreciate something trendy judging by his past choices.



I also got another weekender; the chronograph.  I was really pleased pulling this one out of its box, and I haven’t worn it yet but I look forward to the next outdoorsy activity I do.  I think it looks great, but as I haven’t removed the pin on the crown, I’m not sure whether it’s as loud as the first weekender I got.  I sure hope so.