Setting Planning

Maybe this should all take place in a manor?  There should be some kind of continuity between all these environments I think.  Ok, let’s give this another round-

Lust: Extreme winds, Pass through a massive wall of flame LUXURIA
Gluttony: Dining room, filled with food
Greed: Parlor?
Sloth: Snakes, Constant preoccupation ACEDIA
Wrath: Hunting room
Envy: Drowned in ice cold water, clad grey and eyes sewn shut INVIDIA
Pride: Room of armor


Uhh.. need to decide what kind of… environments I’d have.

Highlight safe areas by having them lit.

Lust, a church.  The nuns move in a patrol fashion around a maze, and you need to stay near their light; if you leave the light for 2s, you die.
Sloth, a very dense crowd of people.  They constantly create a moving bubble gap, but if you touch any of the people you die.  Light comes from street lamps.  Getting caught, you get a crazed face that’s shaking constantly, kind of like that lady in PT.
You need to get to a gate, but in order to do it, you need to collect gas, a key, and climb into a tractor and bulldoze through all the people
Wrath, your house, filled with people in straight jackets
A cemetary
A torture chamber, pride
A mausoleum
Envy, a school.  Eyes shut teacher, move around him and you die
… Gee, that was over quickly.  What do I fill the other 4 with?
Envy, a fo