Today I learned: Fishing Bags are Nice


yu shang fishing?

Alright, strictly speaking, the bag came in Friday so I didn’t really learn this TODAY.

As it turns out, fishing bags work pretty well for my purposes.  Since first getting into the very ‘murrican past time of firearms, I’ve been looking for different ways to bring them from the front door to the trunk of my car without startling neighbors, all of which seem to be families having children from 3 to 14 years old.  It doesn’t help that this state isn’t pro gun.

At the very beginning I went with Pelican hard cases, but I thought those were a little too on-the-nose in terms of appearance.  I quickly decided I wanted to stay away from big, black, serious-looking cases.

oh gee I wonder what this is supposed to hold

Same issue with anything shaped like typical soft gun cases, or anything with MOLLE straps.  I also decided I’d want something I could sling over my shoulder so I could bring them without giving up one hand.  Lastly, any non-gun branding on it I thought to be a plus.  No Ruger logos and what not.

definitely not a gun right?

I came upon a couple solutions.  For rifles, I came across ski bags and sword bags.  The ski bags I found were a little long, but sword bags were sometimes too narrow.  But it might work depending on the dimensions of the firearm.  There’s also yoga mat bags, which work for things up to around 30 inches.  The one I have was a little flimsy, but I thought that was as good as it was going to get for long guns that break apart.  When I got a Beretta over/under, though, I wanted to do one better.

This is where my search took me.


cz75 just happened to be around

The long pockets’ interior measures 35 inches long, which will fit any (I think?) shotgun barrel.  It has 3 of these long pockets, and each pocket has 2 zippers, which is great because you can stick a padlock on the loops where the zipper handle meets the zipper head.  I used towels for padding, and you use 2 pockets for 2 shotguns, 1 pocket for plenty of shells.  I was able to fit 8x 25-shell boxes in there, but I’m sure you could fit more if you found a box that utilized the unused height in this picture.  The picture looks like seven, but there’s an eight not pictured on the far right, behind the zipper.  What I had in mind was that I could bring myself and 1 other person trap shooting, with all the gear in one bag.  2 guns, 100 shells each.


revealing i’m the guy that shoots clays with buck JK JK

I’m too lazy to bring the bag out again, but on the other side there’s 2 more side pockets you can put hearing protection and cleaning supplies in.

I’ve only had the bag for a day but it feels sturdy enough.  I’m pretty pleased with construction and the size/number of compartments, but beyond that is the appearance.  Outdoors-y green, blaze orange, yellow.  The Chinese lettering on the front adds to it (Subliminal message: China doesn’t typically allow people to own guns, why would this bag have a gun in it?).   Moreover, it says fishing on it.  Given those two factors I feel like this is a pretty solid way to walk across the lawn to your car, or have it lying on your bed without making anyone panic.

Well, save for when someone decides to ask why your fishing equipment is covered in locks.  (It’s uhhh… really expensive?)

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