Today I Learned: How to burn a pheasant

Drove down for pheasant hunting this morning, and took a crappy 30$ clip on camera with me.  I was figuring out the controls the night before and never managed to fix the datetime stamp (It’s not 9 at night and it’s definitely not 2014).  3 birds came home but one was… a little rough.  Was looking forward to frying them though.


Annnnddd this is what I ended up with

No, it’s not poor lighting.  The pheasant ended up as burnt as it looks in the picture.  Cooking is just not something I succeed at.  I felt pretty frustrated at first, pulling out that black char out of the oil pot, but the meat inside turned out to be fine, albeit somewhat lacking in seasoning.  It was like eating chicken nuggets wrapped in burnt toast.  It’s been a long time since I breaded and fried meat, but it’s not like I ever had great results.  It’s judging when the middle’s cooked or not that I find difficult, and I’ve come to this conclusion-

If I’m ever to fry something again, at least in the near future, just cut it into french fry strips.  Can’t undercook those, right?

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