It never ends

It’s just that time of year I guess
Imperishable Night

I don’t have a choice anymore


Just more Touhou, forever

I still need to make a model for Kaguya, and one other person… Still undetermined.

I also started the village model, but not really sure what the other stages are.

Village (Keine) > Bamboo Forest (Tewi/Mokou) > Eientei Interior (Reisen) > Above Eientei (Eirin) > Space (Kaguya)

Today I learned: How to assemble a PC (Again)

I’ve only assembled a PC once before, right at the beginning of college.  That tower is now defunct (gave away the PSU), and while the parts weren’t awful for the time, I did have more modest budget.

This time I was a little more free, and I already have all the peripherals this time.


CASE Thermaltake View 27
CPU i7 7700k
GPU Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB
RAM Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3200
MOBO Gigabyte Aorus Z270X K5
SSD Samsung 850 250GB
HDD WD Black 1TB
OTHER 3x Thermaltake RGB Fans, ASUS AC68 WiFi PCI-E Card

Total came out to around 2000.  I’m not very good (read: REALLY bad) at deal hunting.

I just went with whatever instructions the parts provided.

Started off opening the case, and removing the side panels.

I first installed the PSU, which as I should have known, and relearned later, was a bit of a mistake.

Next came the bare motherboard.  Here, some minor frustrations came about.  I wasn’t able to match the screw count with what was indicated in the manual.  There were only 3 stand off screws supplied.  Later realized they weren’t necessary, didn’t use them.

After that, seating the CPU.  This part made me less nervous than I remember being last time.

Then, installing heatsink.  I wasn’t sure there was enough clearance in the case for it to fit, but it did, if barely.

Next, front case fans.

Then, disc storage.

Lastly, plugging everything in.
Motherboard Power
CPU Power
GPU Power
SATA Power