[can’t wake up]

character drafts should be fine for now

I really don’t want to work on stages….


I experimented a little with trying to replace the game-object spam bullet management of the previous games with something that takes advantage of the particle system

But I’m concerned about lasers.  If I can’t find a way to make lasers it’s 100% pointless.  I’ll just have to go back to the old ways and hope I get it better this time

Can I have different models for each particle?

Then again, I can just have one particle system for quad bullets, and another for lasers.

I’ve never been proud of any of the laser implementations I’ve done, but last game’s version was kind of okay as far as collision goes.

I really want to be able to do 1000 bullets, even if it never gets to that point.

Odd to have such a low goal right?  But I doubt I’ll ever need more than 512.  Last game had trouble with just 200…  Definitely doing something wrong.


I’ll be very frank.  I feel worried admitting it, but I think I hadn’t written a single line of C# code, until yesterday, in the past 6 months.  REALLY odd opening up .cs files again.  Scary a little too, that I could have let that much time pass.  I think I’ll focus on getting a working danmaku system now, and take a break from art.  There is still a mountain of art to do, still, though

Please, artist, help me

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