I never asked for this

JLPT results came in

They actually came in a good while before today, but I left the envelope sitting on the counter because I was certain I failed.  I don’t know if I wrote about taking the exam before (it was December) , but I kind of just decided, hey why not give it a shot.  Didn’t study at all, but I figured if I spent this long ‘learning’ something and I can’t even do this much, just give up.  I didn’t study for the exam either, I figured it shouldn’t be stuff I can’t handle.

Well, I took the test, felt sure I did awful, and stopped doing anything with Japanese (…haha)

I wanted to clear out the mail last night, so I came around to opening the result envelope and… I passed?


The raw scores are pretty terrible, but apparently that was all it took to pass. If my performance was 80th percentile I’d hate to know what the average was.

Some of the longer stories that the exam gave me to read, I was struggling to get through without using up all the time

I still don’t really want to continue

It’s just never helped me

2 Comments on “I never asked for this”

  1. Hyun Lee says:

    I think language exams, in general, are easy to pass. So when I hear someone has a B1-3 or C-level certificate, I know it doesn’t really mean much. But congrats!

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