Thoughts from Nier: Automata (2)


I realize I didn’t even finish the first post, and this one will probably be the same way.  I didn’t even manage to get the will to post the pictures.

I’m beginning to realize how interesting of a solution it was to present the option to delete your save at the very end.  At first I balked at the idea; why on earth would I undo the efforts I just put into the game?  I hardly gave cleaning out the save file a second thought.

When I tried to go back to the game to wrap up loose ends, though, it was harder than I expected.  The feelings evoked by the music of the city ruins went from mild sadness to depression (excuse the hyperbole).  Knowing how things devolve later in the game made it difficult to watch the characters back together, and I ended up not getting very far.  Not because I wasn’t capable, but because I didn’t want to watch them anymore.

I think the choice to let the save files go is just as much for the player’s sake as it is for whoever’s final stage it benefits.  The story is over; wouldn’t you rather let go than go through it again?

It’s nice that they put the chapter select function in the game.  But for the people doing it just to get achievements… they’ve also added a shop where you can simply buy the achievements.  Here, the game presents a similar option; you can go through this miserable game again, OR we can give you a way out, and you’re free.

It really resonates with the first words voiced in the game, and the recurring theme of things that begin all need to come to an end.

For me, it was a nice introduction to Yoko Taro’s work.

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