Menus For Days

I think this is the first time I’m actually using the not-On-Gui-() stuff.

I want it to look a little nicer this time around.  What a fun hobby

(Thats sarcasm)



I just felt like writing here.  It’s not worth much for readers.

Started working on the state system.  Every game in the past, the code became a tangled mess when it comes to UI transitions and game state changes.

I need to set the game state, unfade the screen, then unfade the UI.  Then when the state is done, I need it to signal it wants to close.  The UI needs to fade, then the screen needs to fade, then the state needs to switch.

I have the states, the UI, and the screen fading all on separate classes.  I really want to get a non-shit way for these things to work together tonight.

I’ve been thinking about having multiple portrait poses, but…

Then I remembered how much I hate drawing.  Maybe, maybe not, I’ll get there when I get there.

I’m thinking to just keep this on PC ‘release,’ and not bother with Google Play, or any distribution platform really.  I’ll just put a link here, and be done with it.  I don’t care anymore who plays it, or download numbers.  I just want to make this and be done with it.

Finnnnee I guess I’ll start coding